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Ski Mountaineering


Ski Mountaineering

The headquaters of KRNAP opened lately in the reserve several routes for mountain bikes, Ski-alpinism logically followed, being so popular and dynamically expanding. Due to the optimal location ofMartinovka and owing to a very attractive environs of the chalet the popularity of Martinovka among the tourists and cross-country skiers is self-evident. The chalet is suberbly fit as a finish and|or startingpoint of mountain walks and trips.

Martinovka chalet lies directly on the second official ski-alpinism circuit, from the four ones situated in the vicinityof Špindlerův Mlýn. The next two circuits are in the very proximity of the chalet, two remaining circuits can be reached through a non-demanding downhill to Špindlerův Mlýn or through a minor change in the routing of a circuit with the use of standard marked cross-country routes.

The routing of the circuit

Martinovka chalet along green marked tourist path to Labska chalet along blue to the Labsky dul(pit) through Labsky dul(pit) along blue to Dvorsky potok(stream) by the log cabin along the footpath climb to Patejdel chalet (narrow path, this part is better suitable for upwards way) along the green to Martinovka chalet

The Map

You can find the list of Krkonoše ski-alpinism circuits

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