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Some history

The enclave of Martinovka chalets, one of the oldest in Giant Mountains, was established about 1642 by the refugees from the dangers of a Thirty Years War on the south slope of Mount Vysoke kolo along the Border Ridge in the upper part of Martin's pit. The chalet was renewed 1795 by Martin Erlebach - who gave the locality his name too - as an important center of Czech patriotism in Giant Mountains. The Martinovka chalet remained in existence after numerous reconstructions on the place of previous New Martinovka chalet. The other buildings were demolished in 1899.

At the end of 19th century the botanical garden with Giant Mountains flora was set up by J. Buchar. The formerbotanical garden is nowadays inaccessible, we deal with KRNAP headquaters on its renewal.

It might be of interest to you, that world-famous tennis player Martina Navratilova was born here. Her first name is due to the place where she probably found first time what the tennis ball is like.

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